Hit and run victim. Jamie was on his bike riding home after school.
When I tell people about it they say I am lucky to be alive but I don’t feel very lucky. It makes you scared to go on a bike.
I was on my bike coming home after school with my mate Aaron. We were just going along as normal at the edge of the road when suddenly I was hit from behind. I went flying through the air and landed in the middle of the road. I went head over heels onto my back. I knew a car had hit me and I looked to the side to see who had done it. A woman in a purple Ford Ka looked down at me and then drove off without stopping to check that I was ok. I couldn’t believe it she just didn’t care. She had two kids in the back and they saw everything.
My left arm felt funny and someone phoned my Mum. My arm was numb so I could not tell how bad it was but my Mum took me to hospital anyway. When I got there they told me I had broken my arm in loads of places and I would have to have an operation. They put metal bars and pins in my bones to hold it all together.

This was right at the start of the summer holiday so I spent the whole holiday sitting in bed or on the sofa. It was so boring and I used to playing loads of sport. I like playing football, basketball and rugby at school but they have said I won't be able to play any of them again for months. The doctors have said my arm will never be 100% again.

My Mum was scarred out of her brain and now I have to tell her everything that I am going to do. When I tell people about it they say I am lucky to be alive but I don't feel very lucky. It makes you scarred to go on a bike.
I have had to go to the hospital and physiotherapy every week since it's happened. Just recently the pins have started to work loose and they have now told me I have got to have another operation.

When it happened I was on Tele and was interviewed by lots of papers and stuff. The police were trying to find the woman but they never have and I don't think they will now.

I just hope she doesn't do it again.