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As a company that puts safety at the heart of its roadside rescue and recovery operation and one that supports a range of community initiatives, we are all too aware of the issues that Paul raises in his collection of images. With some 150 deaths and serious injuries on motorway hard shoulders and vehicle collisions in the UK claiming some 3,500 lives each year, we realised that there was a place for Paul's striking and often challenging imagery in changing driving behaviour. When Lives Collide is an apt title for the exhibition as each death and serious injury happens, not to a statistic but to a loving, warm, breathing individual, whose loss often leaves behind a void in loved ones' lives. We hope you are moved by the real life stories Paul has uncovered, and the images of loss and pain he has captured on camera. The next step is to leave this exhibition determined to change our driving behaviour and spare someone else the pain of grieving.

Hillary Williams
Marketing Director, Green Flag Motoring Assistance